Thursday, June 23, 2011

Customizing Fedora 15 In Fallback Mode

Since our Fedora Remix, CrossBytes School Edition is now   based on Fedora 15 we have been working on the menu system in fallback mode first; then we shall tackle learning how to write our own gnome shell extension for Gnome shell.
This is a screen shot of what we have so far .
 We have added icons back on the desktop, redistributed menu items from 'other' and deleted the 'other' from the menu selections. Then we customized for our menu breakdown of educational apps. Then we had to prioritize the menu listing so to not have repeats. Well this is what we have so far.
 We will be working on an extension for the Gnome Shell but until the memory leak is fixed we shall be shipping our systems with Fedora 15 set up in Fallback mode for now.
 We have noticed a considerable speed increase on the desktop with Fedora 15 in fallback mode comparison to using the old Gnome from Fedora 14. Thank you for all of the great work to all involved. Can not wait to see how Gnome Shell works out, once the memory leak is fixed.

Sorry about no link for memory bug. it is on the Common F15 bugs page at

and the bugzilla is at


Anonymous said...

As far as the Other menu goes, you might want to look at : I pinned down quite specifically why it still exists, and proposed a variety of patches that can be used to get rid of it 'cleanly'.

bochecha said...

Memory leak? What memory leak?

Do you have a link to a bug report where I could learn more about it?